About Us

Abort Me Mommy is a state authorized premature birth and abortion center in Greenville, SC.

We are staffed by two Board Certified Greenville Obstetrician Gynecologists, T.W. Campbell Jr and Terry L. Buffkin.

Our enlisted attendants, advisers, and prepared collaborators are here to enable you to feel SAFE and COMFORTABLE in a warm, humane private office.

We have a notoriety of giving amazing family arranging, abortion and premature birth services since 1998.

The staff at the Abort Me Mommy endeavors to give extensive administrations to the greater part of our patients. In the event that we can’t enable, we to will allude you to somebody who can.

Our private specialist’s office is roughly 4 miles from downtown Greenville, SC.

Our staff is accessible every minute of every day for Emergencies and communicate in English and Spanish making it less demanding for patients to make inquiries in their local dialect.