How to prevent miscarriages from happening over and over again?


We have to know that not all miscarriages that happen to ladies are uncontrolled. In fact, statistical analysis has it that only 16% of the miscarriages all over the world are uncontrolled.

To say a miscarriage is uncontrolled will mean that they’re out of hand, out of our efforts to hold the fetus kicking and turning.

For your information, roughly 15% of all pregnancies in the world end in miscarriages – but can anything be done to prevent this or at the least reduce this huge percentage?

Yes! And that’s what we’ll be examining in ample words in their numbers below.

  1. Improve your pregnancy nutrition: This is overly looked down on but no more! One of the major things that cause miscarriages is poor feeding. Balanced diet, as we know, is that diet that consists all food-classes in adequate proportion.

When a pregnant woman cannot afford good feeding, her chances of having a miscarriage has just increased sporadically.

  1. Lay hold on Yoga DVDs: Yoga DVDs are very awesome. They’ll teach you the following;
  2. How to handle stress well: Stress, as a result of over-working one’s self may be transferred to the fetus. And in fact, during pregnancy, rigorous works should be reduced considerably because during them, injuries which may affect the pregnancy and in turn cause miscarriage can be sustained.
  3. How to limit caffeine: Caffeine overly increases our concentration and work rate. This not needed for pregnant women. It makes one loses strength in no time. The Yoga DVDs will help you control the intake of Caffeine if you yield to the advice therein.
  4. Exercise in moderation: Exercise is pretty good but it must always be under monitoring and never in excess. Moderation needs to be given its rightful course in exercise when and where needed.